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You are a terrorist!

A campaign against terrorists.


United for a safer Germany. The Campaign „Du bist Deutschland“ (You are Germany) back in 2005 was the beginning of a wave of positive spirit in the whole country. This combined energy has turned backwards in 2009, because now you are a potential terrorist and you have to be watched closely.


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„You are a terrorist“ is a persiflage of two official german social-marketing-campaigns. Whereas „Du bist Deutschland“ (You are Germany) was promoting the national consciousness and a child-friendly Germany, „You are a terrorist“ is the answer to todays politics in Germany.

All Citizens are under general suspicion. Germany becomes a preventive surveillance society.

By visualizing the already passed and future laws, it shows what the Germany of the present and the very near future does look like.


Just recently we found out that there are more than 82 Million terrorists hiding in Germany.
You are one of them.

So from now on we will record all of you activities for 6 months.

Who you call and when.

When you use your cellphone and where.

When and where you access the internet and what sites you are visiting.

Who you write emails to and why.

And because you are a Terrorist, the BKA is allowed to investigate your Computer (trojan-horse)

We know your passwords
we can look at your pictures
we can see who you are chatting with
or browse through your documents

We can download all the files from your computer
change them or save completely new files.

There hasn't been a single internationally planned terrorist attack in Germany
but with you and the other 82 million terrorists we have to be careful that this doesn't change.

A new ID, that digitally stores fingerprints, more surveillance cameras, and many many more surprises are already on the way to you,
because you are a terrorist.

Additional information (english):

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Idea and Execution: Alexander Lehmann
Music: Iambic

Thanks to: Thierry, Nils